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The reason I enjoy these so much I think is that they really are for adults…Steve Mchugh does not pull any punches and Nathan has a side to him that is less than pure — terrific fun to read and enthralling to imagine, the world he occupies bears a strong resemblance to our own but with a supernatural and magical underbelly. As with book 1 the supporting characters all add ambience to the tale, and there are plenty of new people to meet.

More backstory means more grounding in the mythology of the series and as a sequel it works particularly well. The plot is complex enough to keep your interest throughout — some twists and turns and once again Mr McHugh has used legends we are all aware of to flesh out the tale. Very enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next. I have enjoyed all on their own merits…. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Tell me about how the idea for The Hellequin Chronicles first came about? How much did well known legends such as King Arthur influence the writing?

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Born of Hatred (The Hellequin Chronicles) - AbeBooks - Steve McHugh:

Preferred contact method Email Text message. When will my order be ready to collect? When it comes to complains Considering that they have been good buddies, and Nate has lost his memory for 10 years, I want to know how that goes. Also, I seriously wonder about this character Sara -- what is her role?? It seems like she is set to flirt with Nate, but turns out that she has a boyfriend already.

There are already some good female characters here, who are more significant: Olivia the LOA director , Sky the necromancer , and Kasey Tommy's daughter. Seems pointless, that's all. Anyway, a great sequel to I wonder what kind of enemy that Nate will face next. I also wonder what the consequences will happen now that Hellequin has returned Apr 30, Kitvaria Sarene rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy-grim-dark-bloody , fantasy-all-subgenres , favorites , fantasy-urban. I liked the first of this series, and compared it to Harry Dresden.

Now let me say, this book is a step up! In all things In quality of writing, in suspense, in character development and in blood and gore! Wow - brutal, horrific, sick, twisted and gruesome murders - described in quite some detail, so it is not for the faint of heart. But for those who have no problem with that this is an amazing read, that had me hold my breath at quite some moments! I love the werewolves who play a part, and I liked the first of this series, and compared it to Harry Dresden.

I love the werewolves who play a part, and the main characters clicked perfectly with me. For me it is now very different to Harry, as it is more gruesome and again has some flashbacks to history, but I enjoyed it just as much! And the flashbacks were way more interesting for me this time - I couldn't decide which part I wanted to read more! Mar 16, Dave Ricchiazzi rated it did not like it Shelves: paranormal.

The first book in this series had some things going for it, but this book took it in the wrong direction. The first book was a bit of a rogue caper but this installment was a straight up procedural which made it seem a bit too Dresden-like.

Meet Steve McHugh…….and Nate Garrett.

I enjoy Dresden novels, but would've rather this series find its own voice. The Nate Garrett of this book resembles the Nate of the previous book only a little. The author attempts to make the character interesting by simply making him more badass than The first book in this series had some things going for it, but this book took it in the wrong direction.

The author attempts to make the character interesting by simply making him more badass than everyone around him. He's more powerful than everyone he meets, he's met about one woman who wasn't throwing themselves at him, and even though he was an assassin for over a thousand years, he's apparently never killed anyone who didn't deserve it. Whereas in book one the moral ambiguity of his being a thief and the company he kept worked to establish him as an anti-hero, this book does away with most of that to set Nate up as the defender of justice. Somehow the Nate of Born of Hatred doesn't see any problem with passing judgment on thugs and murderers despite his past.

The fact that this doesn't seem to trouble him is the books worst feature. That and the passages I mention below really ruined it for me. Worst scenes in the book in order of their appearance: view spoiler [ 1. Nate flirts with an involved woman by losing a fight somehow not on purpose despite her training for a mere 6 months , tells his best friend he won't cross any lines, then proceeds to cross a line a few pages later.

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This from a person who has seemingly endless willpower. Nate starts to tell a boy not to become a murderer and then when the boy is confused a long-time murderer is telling him to NOT murder, he says "The part of my soul that would have stopped me doing that is long gone. I'm not the passive guy who lets things go. I came to terms with what I am a long time ago.

He went from trying to get a kid to take the right path to justifying his own life to an 11 year-old boy by calling people who DON'T murder "passive guys". A simple "you don't want to take the path I took" would've been fine. What Nate says just makes him sound crazy. Nate decides a supernatural detective woman is not capable of dealing with information about a deranged killer and so stops feeding her details because "you're already angry and emotions are running high--you don't need to hear any more of his insane ramblings. This supernatural detective has a breakdown, accuses Nate of being an unfeeling monster and then we hear Nate's sob story about a human woman he once loved.

The detective hears his story, then breaks down in his arms and apologizes for not realizing how "bad he had it". Even here, in another character's moment of crisis, the author feels the need to show us just how much worse Nate has had it than anyone else, cementing this idea that we somehow need to supercharge every aspect of the main character to make him interesting. View 1 comment. Another fun book in the series. New characters, entertaining scenes. Going to continue with the series.

Born of Hatred (The Hellequin Chronicles)

The dude is getting stronger. Wonder where ends his progress. The villains could be a wee smarter and kill him when they had ample chances instead of fooling around.