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Explosive | chemical product | Britannica

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Potassium and Water Explosion

Under appropriate conditions the oxidation takes place at a measurable rate, and there are also two distinct types of explosive reaction. This has been shown to be independent of residual traces of moisture, the kinetics being fundamentally different from those of the indirect oxidation. The direct oxidation can also be brought about by sparking dry mixtures of carbon monoxide and oxygen at high pressures. Moreover, Garner has shown that there is an abrupt change in the nature of the radiation emitted by a carbon monoxide flame when a small amount of hydrogen is added, this, again, confirms the existence of two separate mechanisms of oxidation.

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Reactions between formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide. Part II. The explosive reaction

As with many of the terms associated with explosions, there is also other terms that describe combustion explosions, "Deflagration Explosion". See Deflagration The use of either of these descriptors is correct.

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Natural gas, manufactured gas, LP Gas, and similar gases commonly used for commercial or residential purposes, i. It should be noted that a wide variety of materials, even those not generally considered combustible will when in suspension and in the presence of a suitable ignition source will react violently.

Byproducts of combustion, under the proper conditions can react violently and form a combustion explosion. Instantaneous combustion or conversion of a solid, liquid or gas into larger quantities of expanding gases accompanied by heat, shock and a noise.

Detonation is a violent chemical reaction within a chemical compound or mechanical mixture evolving heat and pressure. Detonation is a reaction which proceeds through the reacted material toward the un-reacted material at a supersonic velocity.

Solid-State Explosive Reaction for Nanoporous Bulk Thermoelectric Materials.

The result of the chemical reaction is exertion of extremely high pressure on the surrounding medium forming a propagating shock wave that originally is of supersonic velocity. A detonation, when the material is located on or near the surface of the ground, is characterized normally by a crater. Detonation Wave. A detonation wave is a shock wave in a reacting explosive material where the chemical reaction is carried out in the shock front.

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  4. The speed or how fast the chemical reaction occurs or the rate of the reaction. Brisance is the destructive fragmentation effect of a charge on its immediate vicinity. The relevant parameters in this connection are the detonation rate and loading density how compact the explosives are and the heat of explosion and gas yield. Brisance also describes the shattering effect of an explosive which is a combination of power and velocity.

    The higher the power and the higher the velocity of detonation, the greater the brisance and shattering effect.