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His Intimate Presence: Experiencing the Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit by Bill Bright

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Time With HOLY SPIRIT - 3 Hour Peaceful Music - Alone With God - Prayer Music - Spontaneous Worship

Rebecca Ruiz. Tim Muldoon. Reflections On Gratitude Cindy Ristroph. Reflections Four Seconds Mike Hayes. All rights reserved.

So my loyalties were not necessarily monolithically fixed to the idea of Bengaliness, albeit a very important and significant strand in my tissue-system. I found their precise tactility, un-Victorian-Augustan phrase-making, use of contemporary idiom, the power of their oral structure, and in general, the best aspects of Modernism, much more appealing at the time.

In fact, when I think of the past, the list seems precociously expansive though delightfully centrifugal.

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To reiterate, Tagore as a cerebral idea and its efferent discourse was always present in the milieu in which I spent my boyhood days — so he must have at least partially influenced me, whether or not I consciously acknowledged or rejected it at that time or even later. Furthermore, my five years living and writing in Bangladesh, in the late s to mids, significantly enhanced my latent appreciation for Rabindranath.

There I encountered Tagore as an everyday cultural idea, a living metaphor — unpretentious, earthy, and accessible. It was such a pleasure to wake up in Dhaka and spend the entire day not having to utter a single word of English or Hindi, and only be immersed in the linguistic cadence and rhythms of Bangla.

English as a tongue — except for the limited rarefied upper class — was almost entirely irrelevant and redundant, and thankfully so. So my mature engagement with the Bengali language, literature and culture, including my new-found appreciation for Rabindranath was carried back to my home city of Delhi — completing a lovely unexpected arc.

God's Intimate Friendship

In the slow-churning growth in my own artistic practice from analogue to digital, from vinyl to CD, from mono to stereo to 5. In , relying on my incipient enthusiasm, I summoned up all my courage, typed out about fifty poems from a much larger batch I had written up until then, and with the aid of a modest donation from my grandfather, took it to a local printer.

They were cyclostyled through one of those now-extinct, messy, gargantuan machines photocopying was still quite expensive then and hand-sewn at a bindery by an old man who until then had only bound thousands of legal manuals and commercial reports with ubiquitous red cloth or leather spines and with the titles stamped in gold. This was however the first time he had bound a collection of poetry, and he did it with genuine interest and with the care of a fine craftsman.

He was a poet himself, and wrote and recited in Urdu. Perhaps it was propitious that my early poems were blessed by the tactile touch of a true poet. It would only be fair to say of my grandfather that his patronage made him my first publisher. I was always convinced that writing poetry was extremely difficult even though I thoroughly enjoyed reading it , and was best left to the masters themselves.

Then one day in I was in Class 10 at the time , daydreaming through a boring lesson in school, I penned, quite unknowingly, in perfect rhyme and metre, my first poem.

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But then, looking back I feel that there was a sense of innocence, idealism, seriousness, and honesty about them. I grew up in a liberal and educated family with a lot of poetry and music around me. Welcome to Christianbook.

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God's Intimate Friendship

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