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Sign in. Perfectly preserved ancient monastery in an impossibly dramatic location on a rocky island in the Atlantic. An Irish church where you can shake hands with an year old mummy. Kilkenny, Ireland.

Irish Signs and Notices

This Irish show cave is said to have been the site of a Viking massacre that claimed 1, lives. The ancient tomb acts as a calendar that keeps perfect time. Skibbereen, Ireland. This floating garden in the sky is straight out of a fairy tale, but the real thing is nothing short of magical. The world of the ancient Celtic civilization explained through a bewitching 11 acre garden.

Boil away this plant's poisonous hairs, and you're left with a tasty, spinach-like leaf. This adaption of French refugee bread is now a protected Irish specialty. Unearthed after centuries in peat bogs, these blocks of aged dairy have an incredibly funky flavor.

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January 28, Kilbrittain Whale. June 28, July 9,