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I would repost at least once per day, depending on the activity in your city.

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To avoid being flagged for duplicate posts, reword it each time and experiment with phrases to see if you get a better response. Inquiries come from all over the city. This means if you get 3 customers, they could all be 10min away from each other which is extremely inefficient and costs money and time. We will take a deep dive into this in a later post, but Facebook is great for geographic and interest-based advertising. For example, if you live in Glendale, CA, you can target homeowners with dog in the Glendale area.

You could experiment with other factors such as do they like travel or have young kids or other signals that they have money and not a lot of time.

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A simple image to grab their attention and a link to your website can capture leads and generate new clients. The downside is it costs money and there is a learning curve. You need to create a Facebook business account, curate a high quality image, experiment on different verbiage, and know how to understand the performance metrics to decide if an ad is doing well or not. Specifically, check out your local PetSmart and PetCo, and also any smaller store operations in your area. Some have an area to post information, put one of those old school one-page pieces of paper with pre-cut areas to rip off your phone number.

Another option is checking out local veterinary clinics as well. Fliers and door hangers are an old marketing technique. However, the fact that they are still around implies that they must work.


In fact, the pros of this marketing method are the money makers. The more yards you can complete per hour, the higher your hourly rate. Like the fliers and door hangers, you can target which areas you want to employ this marketing method. They are more expensive than some on the list, but they are great for adding clients in the same neighborhood as current clients.

You also only use this method once you are already making money from current clients. Use yard signs instead. Using your existing network of friends an family and expanding your network into relevant groups can help land your first customers or expand your existing business.

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Referrals can be a cheap way to gain new customers. Don't let your child make the recording because some professionals find these irritating. Pick up multi-part receipt books for customer receipts from an office supply store.

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Buy a computer to track accounts and business-related expenses. Call your city administration offices for information on requirements for disposing animal waste, dump fees, business license requirements, certificates of occupancy and DBA filings. Because the nature of the pooper scooper service business is unusual, the potential for publicity is great.

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Contact your local newspaper, community news or business section and speak to the editor. Do the same with local radio stations. From information and experience gained from your door-to-door canvassing, prepare a list of answers to questions you'll encounter and tell each editor in 30 seconds what it is you do. You'll either quickly develop interest or gain a quick dismissal. Pooper scooper business provides a nice hook for both print, broadcast and Internet media sources. Developing a website for your business provides easy information access for potential customers.

This form of marketing using the Internet provides a url that can be included in your print publicity. Starting a new business also raises questions regarding accounting, taxes and what you need to operate an efficient office. The following links will help you get started:. All Rights Reserved. Link to post. Cancel Copy Done. Delete post? Cancel Delete. This will remove the reply from the Answers section. Cancel Remove. Notifications are off. Your notifications are currently off and you won't receive subscription updates. To turn them on, go to Notifications preferences on your Profile page.

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