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ISBN 13: 9781533507853

Conservators checked the ink under a microscope and stabilized it. Then the imaging took place. After filming, each page was mended. Mending rejoined tears and strengthened any weak areas of the page, such as loss from pests, moisture damage, or wear from use. As the last step in the conservation process, a new binding style was chosen, and a custom fitted enclosure was created to house the Popol Vuh.

The new electronic versions of the Popol Vuh make the manuscript more accessible to a larger number of readers, so the physical handling of the actual sacred text can now be reduced for its long-term preservation. The Popol Vuh manuscript came to the Newberry along with several other contemporary manuscripts by Francisco Ximenez, all of which are cataloged together as Ayer MS Anyone 14 years or older may see the manuscript; however, for preservation reasons and to limit the light exposure to the manuscript, readers are allocated a maximum of 30 minutes with the original manuscript within our reading room.

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To request a longer time for in-depth research with the original manuscript, please contact Will Hansen, Director of Reader Services, at or hansenw newberry. The Special Collections Reading Room staff will give readers of the Popol Vuh specific instructions about the special care to take when viewing the manuscript. Readers who intend to use the manuscript for an extended period of time are encouraged to use the facsimile copy available on the open shelf in the 3rd-floor Reference Center Call Number: Ref F P a, Newberry checklist area.

The Newberry can also accommodate groups of up to 15 people aged 14 years or older who wish to see the Popol Vuh.

Groups are required to schedule their visit a minimum of one month in advance. Only one group per month may make an appointment to see the Popol Vuh. Groups who are interested should contact reference newberry.

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Donate Now Join the Mailing List. Search this site. Vault Ayer MS What is the Popol Vuh? The gods were favorably disposed to the existence of the creatures who were to be born. Before this certainty, they said: -It is good to empty out the earth and separate the water from the low places so they can be cultivated.

The sowing will be fruitful because of the dew in the air and the moisture underground.

The trees will grow and blossom, give fruit and spread their seeds. Future inhabitants will eat the harvested fruit and in this way have both nature and its food. This is the way it will always be.

Popol Vuh (Spanish Edition)

They will die the day they have it another way. And so the formation of the land where the new beings would live was decided upon. Then the clouds which had filled the space between the sky and earth were set apart. Under these clouds and from the water on the surface, the hills and mountains that we see today began to appear. Forest of cypress, oak, cedar, and mahogany trees were formed in the valleys.

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The wonderfully rich sap from the trees released a sweet, acid aroma. The path that divided wet space from dry space was opened. Upon seeing what had been done, the gods said: -The first creation has been completed and it is beautiful in our eyes.

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  • They immediately wanted to finish the work they had begun. Ermilo Abreu Gomez.

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