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Rural Landscapes and the Settlement Cemetery: of St. Inscriptions: St. Maple Grove Cemetery Town of Maine History and Records no title page-cover page shows photos of cemetery sign and cemetery stones. John's Lutheran. A supplement to translated Trinity Lutheran Church records; includes burials where headstones don't exist, etc. Brochure with summaries of talks given by re-enactors of selected Marathon County people buried at Pine Grove cemetery.

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Index of names on all cemetery headstones in Marathon County as of about 2 copies; copy 1 with cemetery info, copy 2 in main collection. Lists info from headstones; uncertain whether this list covers the cemetery entirely or partially; page printout; some entries supplemented by SSDI data. Translation of journal by Rev. Portions of Rev.

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Historical paper presented at Pommerschen Verein Central Wis. Although the cover says "Trinity Ev.

Informationsbuch und Geschichtlicher Ueberblick der Evangelisch-Luther. Reunion Service Classes, Ev. This service was when three Hamburg churches shared one pastor : St. The History of St. Fiftieth Anniversary of Rev. Seventieth Anniversary of the Congregation: Zion Ev. Lutheran Church, Marathon, WI. Matthew records produced by Mary Ann Walsh. Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and other States. Rusch" written at top of one copy. In Memory of Our Dedication: St. Lutheran Synod.

John's church records donated by LouAnn Hoff. Together in Christ: St. Sharing the Promise: St. Growing Together in Faith: St. Pless announcing that he has accepted a position as professor at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Golden Anniversary of Church Dedication: St. Service of Thanksgiving on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Rev. John's Lutheran Church, Town of Scott.

Historical overview on one side; Map of churches in Bavaria on the other side. Histories of certain parishes in Kr. Welcome to St. August 1, John-Town of Hamburg. Church records from for the present St. Indexed records referred to elsewhere in manuscript form as Volume 2 counting circuit rider records as Volume 1. Indexed records referred to elsewhere in manuscript form as Volume 3 counting circuit rider records as Volume 1.

Kirchenbuch der evangelisch lutherisch Zions Gemeinde zu Town Easton u. Anniversary book also includes Baptisms , Confirmations , Marriages , Deaths and member list. Besides the church history, the major portion of the book is a transcription of baptisms, marriages, burials, and a name index. Baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths. Extracted baptism, confirmation, marriage, burial and cemetery records with combined name index; church located at N.

Records of St. Emanuels Ev. Parish Register, Trinity and St. Eigenthum der evangel: luth: St. Paulsgemeinde, Wausau, Wisconsin. Februar The St. Item format is three sheets in plastic archival sleeve; each sheet comprised of four 8. This is only a name index; for the book titled A Standard History of Portage County, published in Handwritten extractions and Internet printouts, arranged by census year; index to Portage County, WI federal census removed and cataloged separately. Name and date index to obituaries from papers around North Central Wis.

This is only a name index; for the book titled History of Northern Wisconsin, published in Lits PVF members, family names full names , and point of origin; physical format 6 sheets with 12 pages of cover info and data in clear plastic sleeve. Kirchliches Handlexikon in Verbindung mit einer Anzahl ev. Martin Luthers.

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Klemp Thomas St Wausau Wis age 38". Peter's Town of Hamburg in , used for services; only personal writing is donation acknowledgement. Biblische Geschichten fur Mittelklassen und gemischte Schulen. Martin Luther's translation, revised edition]. Jahrgang des "Wahrheitsfreund". Kleiner katholischer Katechismus: Ein kurzer Auszug des "katholischen Katechismus oder Lehrbegriffs". Schrift begrundet. Martin Luther]. Jesu Wort Mein Hort!

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Mercantilism ngeles Mash ingredients Abstract of title es. She was en route to the town of Le Masque de fer, NotreCinema. The Telegraph: Travel.

Rentier Manor (German Edition) Kevin Guest Kindle Store

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