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Do these gluten free chocolate cupcakes crumble?

Netflix and pizza. And perhaps my all-time favorite combo…coconut and chocolate. Truthfully, chocolate goes so well with…. A perfect weekend breakfast, especially when topped with blueberry sauce. These vegan chocolate chip muffins are light and fluffy and so yummy! The perfect breakfast or after school snack. My family loves having muffins for breakfast, and these vegan chocolate chip muffins are a favorite. My son loves chocolate chips, and…. A refreshing blend of zucchini, red onion, and a simple vinaigrette makes this summer zucchini noodle salad perfect for hot days! Use your spiralizer to make these zoodles in no time!

Celebrate your next special occasion with this giant chocolate chip cookie! Sometimes you have big plans for a birthday party — a fancy cake, perfectly decorated, and with the theme that your child has chosen. But then real life happens, and you have extra…. Lemon pasta with chicken and peas is an easy and tasty meal that the whole family will love!

Use your favorite gluten free pasta or zucchini noodles to make this allergy friendly. Lemon is such a nice, light flavor…. Delicious vegan strawberry shortcake donuts are topped with a simple glaze. These are perfect for a spring treat!

Coconut & Banana Banoffee Pie Recipe // Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free Dessert

These are nut free, dairy free, and so delicious! Strawberries are in season! Well, not in season in Michigan, just yet, but in season in our warmer states, and that means that the strawberries at the…. Double chocolate fudge cookies are made with a secret vegetable ingredient — beets! These cookies are delectable and perfect with a cup of tea. Of course no one complained. Can you guess…. Chewy, delicious oatmeal cookies have a surprising addition — fresh strawberries! These strawberry oatmeal cookies are sure to become a new favorite.

You love oatmeal cookies, and you also love strawberry shortcake. Strawberry oatmeal cookies, of course! These cookies are tender, chewy, sweet, and have the….

Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free Carrot Cake

These roasted red pepper cheesy vegan quesadillas are a filling and tasty lunch or dinner! We had with the coconut icing and berries, which is quite yummy. However, I can well imagine it with a different frosting. This recipe is a keeper. If I want this to be just a vanilla cake is omitting the chocolate all I need to do?

Is there more I should do to get that vanilla cake flavor? Hi Laura! I would follow this recipe and use it as a cake. Many people have success with it, just adjust the baking time! Wondering if it turns out as well with just the GF flour mix, or if I should be adding in some other texture somehow.

I saw the sub for almond meal was to add more of the GF and oat flour, and to use the rice milk… Thanks! I made this twice for both of my adult children for their birthdays in August Huge success! Thank you for sharing your recipe. It is a keeper for sure.

I made this, followed the recipe to the letter and it came out perfect! If you want to make it into a white cake I suggest subbing the cocoa powder for more gluten free flour. Thank you Minimalist Baker! He is allergic to nuts, wheat, dairy and egg so I replaced the almond meal with half sunflower seeds meal and coconut flour; also used soy milk instead of almond.

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It turned out so good and he is very pleased. I feel that I finally can give him a proper birthday cake that not even himself but the guests enjoyed a lot. Thank you very much. I am so thankful to have found this recipe. As I was searching for a good cake recipe, a friend suggested your blog.

The cake was fantastic! Hi Dear, I was searching something else relate your topic. I really liked it. In my view you are a perfect article writer. So, keep up the good work. Fantastic recipe! I baked to he cake a week early and after it cooled completely, I froze the separate layers to take to grandparents house. I made the whip while the cake thawed. It was a HUGE hit.

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  • Thank you! Hoping you have some ideas! Literally everyone raved about it. For a gluten free cake it was actually so moist and delicious! I am super impressed and will definitely be making it again. You never disappoint Dana!!!! I am just wondering if I can use my own gf flour blend along with the oats, how much xanthan gum should I use for the total cups of flour called for in your recipe?

    I made this for a co-worker who has gluten, egg, and dairy sensitivities. Got soooo many compliments on the flavor, texture, and look of this cake! This is a keeper for sure!

    By the Way Bakery

    Can this cake be made and covered with chocolate ganache and fondant over it for decorative purpose…. Yum, what a delicious recipe! Thank you so much! For the DIY flour, I only had brown rice flour and tapioca flour starch , so doubled them to make up for the white rice flour and potato starch. With the added almond meal and oat flour, it worked out beautifully! A little crumbly but so light and moist!

    1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

    Topped with vegan chocolate ganache. I often refer to your recipes, Dana, so thank you so much! I just made this Friday for my birthday. It was quite ambitious for my first bake in years and my first ever cake. I did make a few modifications.

    So instead of coconut whipped cream I got some pretty tasty coconut vanilla icing. To top it off I had decided to top it with local fruit such as champane mangoes, papaya, banana and pineapple, since the berries here taste like sacrilige after growing up in the Pacific Northwest. It was delicious. Utterly, beautifully delicious. My roommate had a slice with Irish Creme Liquor last night he has no qualms with dairy and assures me it makes a lovely booze cake that soaks up all the alcohol and flavor without getting soggy. I might try a small slice with rum tonight. I want to make this for my daughters birthday, which so happens to be during passover.