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I actually watched the first episode of "The Briefcase," and it'd be hard to argue with the integrity of the two families featured, or the value of their choices when faced with a six figure prize.

How Rousseau Predicted Trump

It was also pretty hard to keep my breakfast down, watching this exercise in simultaneously ennobling and judging the financially distressed. It was like watching America's twisted relationship with its own underclass, but with hokey dramatic music.

Anything Can Be Porno - Podcast Poop: Dude Soup Podcast #33

There's something really perverse about Les Moonves earning money based on the emotional and financial anguish of poor people, by making a game-theory spectacle of human suffering that he could end, himself, personally, if he wanted to. We get the horrible television we deserve, America. Is it too late for someone to greenlight "Bumfights: The Series"? But it's not just us.

Altruism and Aggression

In the fifties, the television show "Queen for a Day" trotted out suffering females to recount their sob stories, and the woman the audience deemed most hard up would win the top prize — often a much-needed household appliance. For nearly a decade, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" successfully ran on a premise of hard luck and reward. And though it lacked the uncomfortable competition factor, as a Beaufort Gazette feature reported, when the cameras stopped rolling, many participants were suddenly faced with "extreme tax and utility bills," and found themselves facing foreclosure on their brand new dream homes.

Dressing up gawking at the poor and otherwise hard up by making them jump through hoops for prizes them is nothing new. He found that more ethnically heterogeneous nations had more ethnic conflicts.

The Bible Tells Me So

The degree of democratization explained very little of the degree of ethnic conflicts except that very authoritarian states such as the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia could suppress ethnic conflicts. Ethnic conflicts were only slightly less common in more economically developed countries.

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They appeared within all racial groups, cultures, and geographical regions. In Vanhanen's view, people have a genetic tendency to easily learn ethnic attitudes and psychological mechanisms leading to prejudice, scapegoating, and discrimination.

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Battling pornography: strategies for home and classroom

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