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Subscription sign in. Read latest edition. UK Edition. US Edition. Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Want an ad-free experience? Subscribe to Independent Premium. View offers. Download the new Indpendent Premium app Sharing the full story, not just the headlines Download now. Shape Created with Sketch. Forgotten Women: Survivors of Ebola Show all Kamala Kahindo, 42, contracted Ebola from a child she was treating. After surviving the virus, show now works at a centre in Beni taking care of others.

Christelle Muvingulwa, 14, contracted Ebola and survived. Now, she participates in the Children's parliament of Beni where she talks about her experience and educates others on symptoms and treatment. Eugenie Kahambu Kiyora, 23, contracted Ebola days after getting married from a patient she was taking care of. After surviving the disease, she is now eight-months pregnant with her first child.

Jeanne Katungu, 38, contracted Ebola from her neighbour's child, who died on the way to the hospital. She now works at the Ebola Treatment Center in Beni. Forgotten Women: The ordinary lives of extraordinary people Show all Sihana was in a house full of women and children when she was raped by a member of the Serbian paramilitary. The men took five of the younger women into separate rooms; one of them had given birth just four days before. The Kosovo war ended 20 years ago, but its effects are all too present for this young nation.

Approximately 20, women and girls were raped during the month conflict; thousands of people remain missing — both Albanian and Serbian — with multiple mass graves uncovered over the last two decades. The young bride! She returned home to find her mother crying but when Hadiza asked her sisters why their mother was so upset, no one answered. Every year 12 million girls are married before they turn Niger has the highest prevalence of child brides, with 76 per cent of girls married by 18, and 28 per cent by 15 in the West African nation. In some regions, girls as young as 10 are married, and after the age of 25, very few women remain unmarried.

As an underage teen she was raped by an adult and battled with substance abuse. After moving to Germany, her boyfriend — who was a crack addict — eventually became her pimp. This is by no means an isolated tale. Studies show anywhere from 50 to 90 per cent of women who end up in the sex industry were sexually abused as children.

Poverty is another driving force that sees women turn to prostitution. Although some people may choose to work in the sex industry, many are forced into it by circumstance. Along with her elder sister, she left her home in the early hours of the morning and hid. When their uncles found the girls, they beat them. I saw death because of circumcision and I was worried that I might die, or if I did not die I would not be able to go back to school and I would be married. Seven years into a civil war that has left devastation in its wake, campaigns and aid are beginning to dry up in Syria.

The suffering of those still facing untold hardships is fading from public view as the world moves on to the latest crisis.

Thousands are still displaced, living with limited access to basic necessities such as food, electricity and fuel. Unknown numbers are detained or missing. Many of those left behind are women doing what they can to support their families, often mourning the loss of loved ones. Even though there are fewer battlefields, fighting continues, leaving civilians in mortal danger.

Gun violence in the United States has become so destructive and all-encompassing, Amnesty International have branded it a human rights crisis. Despite 80 per cent of all gun deaths in the world taking place in America and 30, adults and children dying every year in the nation, Congress has done little in recent years. With gun control a divisive issue that some fear to touch due to voter backlash and the right to bear arms enshrined in the second amendment, the government has been quiet. Zero gun control laws have been passed in Congress in the last three years.

Saba Ismail woke up in her Brooklyn home to a voicemail from her sister, Gulalai. She was calling to say she had been apprehended by Pakistan officials upon landing in Islamabad after a flight from London. No justice.

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That is the constant cry from friends and families of victims as countless cases are left unresolved and ignored. As with so many other countries, women and girls are constant targets for violence in Zimbabwe.


Data from Zimbabwe National Statistics Office indicates sexual assault is on the rise. From to there was a 42 per cent increase in rape cases, with at least 21 people raped every day.

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  7. The only one of 14 siblings to survive, with four children of her own as well as nieces to look after, Vestine survived the Rwandan genocide. Unique conditions grew from the horror, leading Rwanda to become a female-led African nation. I can say that Rwanda has tremendously tried to rebuild itself. We remember our loved ones who perished during genocide against Tutsi as we rebuild ourselves. We have enough security in our nation and we are all working together to rebuild our nation.

    Specifically, women are rebuilding. South Africa has the biggest HIV epidemic in the world, with 7. There is a huge gender disparity in infection rates, with nearly four times the number of young women infected than men their age.

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    Not only are women disproportionately infected, but there is another burden tying them to this life-changing illness - childbirth. Many women have been unknowingly infected with HIV, then unknowingly passed it on to their children. Amazing that you were able to enjoy being together everywhere for a year! And welcome back to the Bay Area. Very convenient. Ohhh I hear you. I quit my job almost 2 years ago and started travelling.

    The worst I found was that none of my friends is sharing my travel passion and they will never understand what I am talking about unless they have been with me. What a great, detailed post.