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I felt this was a weird retelling of The Hunchback of Notre Dame because of the bellfrey in the tower. The setting was great because it was France and Europe so the descriptions were nice but that was about it. I do not like giving up on books but this one was an exception to the rule. I was not impressed by the writing style or the fact that it was so long. The author could have made his point in FAR less pages than he did and I felt that the whole thing started to run in more circles than someone doing donuts in a parking lot.

To make a long story very short as I do not want to keep repeating myself. I was not happy with this book and I did not like the style or the way the story panned out. Not one of the best ones from this year that I have read. To the author, this is my personal opinion but I wanted to be honest.

To NetGalley, thank you again for allowing me to preview this work and give my honest opinion. Sep 21, Michelle Morrell added it Shelves: unfinished. I couldn't get into this novel. Which was unfortunate, as I usually like stories that involve angels and hints of the supernatural dwelling under the mundanity of the "real world. First, the author left off the subjects of most of the action sentences. For example, instead of writing, "He went down the steps," he would write, "Went d I couldn't get into this novel. For example, instead of writing, "He went down the steps," he would write, "Went down the steps.

This jolted me out of the immersion every time.

Watchers/ Nephilim

Saw the girl. Wearing a red dress this time. Looked hot. Now, I've taken French, and as an English speaker, I can puzzle the sentence out, usually. But it happened so frequently I, again, would be taken out of the flow of the story. Coupled with the choppy sentence structure, I found it to be excruciating even reading through the some-odd pages I managed. Too many books, too little time. And that's why I didn't finish this book. Apr 09, Nikki rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery , netgalley.

Finally got round to finishing this. I received permission to read it free from NetGalley, just so you know. I got quite mesmerised by it to begin with: there's something about the slow deliberate pace at the beginning of the book that can draw you in. The mystery is slow to get kick-started, though, and I almost didn't have the patience to wait around for things to happen. The pacing is really just The choice of protagonists is interesting: it's good to Finally got round to finishing this. The choice of protagonists is interesting: it's good to see a protagonist with disabilities, for example.

But somehow the characters didn't stand out to me as much as I could wish.

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I hear this book is the first of a series, but I don't think the sequels are for me. There's some good writing, but the book as a whole got in the way of itself for me. It doesn't help that I had to read it with tiny, tiny font thanks to the only format NetGalley would let me download it in. May 01, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: signed-by-author. I'm not really into books dealing with religion but this book didn't bring that out until I was already captivated by the characters.

It was a little slow at first, but the further I read the faster it went. Very good book that I truly recommend. May 16, Shorty rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites , audiobooks , part-of-a-series-of-novels , owned , , , ebook , paperback. I found this novel in my local supermarket, while bored to death. The tiny blurb on the back intrigued me, but I almost put it back three times I am SO glad I didn't, and took it home! What an atmospheric work of art, for a novel.

The Secrets of the Watchers, the Fallen Angels From Heaven

Jon Steele is my new favorite author. In this age of instant gratification that drives the two page chapter, it is refreshing to see that one author is not afraid of long, drawn out character building and the slow, tension filled ascent to what you know will be a stunning end of the novel. Richly atmospheric and surprisingly tender amid all the gathering gloom, this is a beautifully written book to savior and enjoy, especially when all of the action finally does get going.

I have NO problem with waiting for pages for the characters to develop, figure out what the HECK is going on in this novel, or find out what happens next. And quite frankly, I don't understand why others do. If you want instant gratification, go read some short stories!! I'm there!! I had no problem being hooked from the second chapter. You will find yourself cheering for Marc who reminded me of Quasimodo , as le guet of the Lausanne Cathedral as he helps Taylor find redemption.

Steele keeps you wondering about Harper until far into the story. Each of them is imperfect. Each of them sees a different Lausanne. Each of them has a distinctive voice.

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Together they light up this book. The portrayal of Marc Rochat and his adorable cat Monsieur Booty is in particular evocative and memorable. I was never quite sure if that cat understood what was being said or not The plot and the world that it imagines, puts a twist on ancient legends that is original, plausible and intriguing.

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Jon Steele is brave enough to slow the pace of the storytelling so that comprehension dawns slowly but is all the more deeply felt for that. Be ready for twists and turns, as Steele weaves a masterful story around you. There are four parts to the story, and people have to actually follow the threads of the story. I was never sure where this ride was going, and I enjoyed every minute of this feeling. Angels in a mystery novel is new to me, but they fit perfectly.

But don't expect wings or halos. Do expect a murder mystery, a supernatural thriller, and beautiful writing. In a story of good versus evil Jon Steele takes the time to show how blurred the boundaries are between the two, nor does he shy away from depicting the cruel violence that evil produces. He doesn't glorify it but he doesn't look away either. He uses it to cast the shadows that emphasizes the light. Some sexual situations, if you don't like that, don't read this novel. They are integral to the plot. As Marc Rochat might say, I am very sure it should not be his last.

This novel was difficult to put down, and rejoin everyday life. I can barely wait until the 2nd part of the series is out, in June. I loved that I had to constantly guess where the book was going, and that rarely happens, anymore Apr 27, Cathy Cole rated it really liked it. First Line: At first sight, fifty yards off, he couldn't tell who it was walking through the rain, only that the slow-moving form emerging from the shattered village of Neuville-Vitasse was a British soldier.

Just before Christmas in the town of Lausanne, Switzerland, three people will meet in the ancient cathedral beneath which a secret was buried before time began. Marc Rochat is the young man who calls the hour from the belfry of Lausanne Cathedral each night. He will te First Line: At first sight, fifty yards off, he couldn't tell who it was walking through the rain, only that the slow-moving form emerging from the shattered village of Neuville-Vitasse was a British soldier.

He will tell you that he's "strong from the legs up"-- if he's not talking with the cathedral bells, responding to the mews of Monsieur Booty, his cat, or running away from the bad shadows that are gathering. The young American, Katherine Taylor, is living the tax-free, designer label dream in Switzerland.

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  • An extremely beautiful and extremely high-priced prostitute, she's just about to find out that her life is indeed too good to be true. The third person is private investigator Jay Harper, who wakes up in a hotel room with no memory, a love of watching the History Channel, and a job in Lausanne that he has no choice but to accept.