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Adults Can Recapture Wisdom and Bliss by Freeing the Fool

This is not to say that knowledge isn't important, also.

Seeing with the Wisdom Eye: Right View and the Three Trainings of the Buddha

Jnana is practical knowledge of how the world works; medical science or engineering would be examples of jnana. However, "wisdom" is something else. In Buddhism, "wisdom" is realizing or perceiving the true nature of reality; seeing things as they are, not as they appear. This wisdom is not bound by conceptual knowledge. It must be intimately experienced to be understood. Prajna also is sometimes translated as "consciousness," "insight" or "discernment.


This is the path to wisdom. To realize the complete meaning of the Three Marks and Four Noble Truths is perceiving the true nature of all phenomena. It disperses the darkness of delusion, which covers up the own-being of dharmas. Wisdom in Mahayana is linked to the doctrine of sunyata , "emptiness. There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires. Buddha Click to tweet. Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others. If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart. A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again; but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.

Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except your self. No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If we fail to look after others when they need help, who will look after us? One who acts on truth is happy in this world and beyond. See also: zen quotes , Rumi quotes , gratitude quotes. Irrigators channel waters; fletchers straighten arrows; carpenters bend wood; the wise master themselves.

Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good. If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way. Silence the angry man with love. Silence the ill-natured man with kindness. Silence the miser with generosity. Silence the liar with truth. Even as a solid rock is unshaken by the wind, so are the wise unshaken by praise or blame. Click to tweet.

You yourself must strive. The Buddhas only point the way.

Free 7 Days of Mindfulness Course

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. Ceasing to do evil, cultivating the good, purifying the heart: this is the teaching of the Buddhas. Delight in meditation and solitude.

Compose yourself, be happy. You are a seeker.

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If you find no one to support you on the spiritual path, walk alone. This is one of my favorite Buddha quote. Stop, stop.

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  • Do not speak. The ultimate truth is not even to think. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Just as the great ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so also this teaching and discipline has one taste, the taste of liberation. The one in whom no longer exist the craving and thirst that perpetuate becoming; how could you track that Awakened one, trackless, and of limitless range. Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.

    Long is the night to him who is awake; long is a mile to him who is tired; long is life to the foolish who do not know the true law.

    Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened. Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves. Like a fine flower, beautiful to look at but without scent, fine words are fruitless in a man who does not act in accordance with them. Our theories of the eternal are as valuable as are those which a chick which has not broken its way through its shell might form of the outside world.

    An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them? One liners, thoughts, sayings and captions for your bio, social status, self-talk, motto, mantra, signs, posters, wallpapers, backgrounds, tattoos, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

    Attachment leads to suffering. The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. More short quotes You may also like: inspirational quotes motivational quotes happiness quotes love quotes life quotes. As rain falls equally on the just and the unjust, do not burden your heart with judgments but rain your kindness equally on all. Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

    A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker. Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it. A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.

    Live purely. Be quiet.

    Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! My doctrine is not a doctrine but just a vision. I have not given you any set rules, I have not given you a system. In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.

    Wisdom for Today | Buddhistdoor

    Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. It is better to travel well than to arrive. It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.