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A half-penny a day and softer seats on 13 November A holiday in Iceland on 22 November A house of mourning on 22 May B. A journey into being on 17 August A literary bent: the collected letters and thoughts of F.

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McDade on 12 March A little bit of repartee on 9 November A little bit of trust on 28 September A little learning on 22 November A little night music on 8 December A long weekend with Marcel Proust on 6 November A lunchtime news item on 3 November A man about the house on 3 July B. A man goes riding by on 10 February A man in a flat hat on 20 December A man named Scott on 21 February A man of the people on 7 October A man to remember, Ian Whyte on 28 August A matter of choice on 9 September A matter of conscience on 5 August A midsummer nightmare on 23 June A monstrous story on 1 November A night at Ambrose's on 26 July A night at the Alex on 22 December A passion for accuracy on 13 March A past for the future on 16 April A pinch of salt on 19 September A place in the country on 27 July A question of breeding on 17 July A question of identity on 16 December A question of personality on 7 June A sailor's memories on 29 September A schoolgirl goes to war on 15 April A Scottish artist's reply to just criticism on 5 February A Scottish Icarus on 26 February A Scottish Postbag between 1 December and 5 December A sleeping clergyman on 2 March A sleeping clergyman on 5 March A sleeping clergyman on 15 August A small demonstration on 16 February A small job at Skyros on 7 August A soldier of fortune on 24 September A sound of trumpets on 12 November A spell for green corn on 8 October A straight furrit case on 7 September A strange mourning on 13 December A stranger to these parts on 15 September A streetcar named Auchenshuggle on 20 January A study in Swinburne on 12 September A surgeon for Lucinda on 13 May A surprise for the Mcflannels on 25 June A table for St.

Bernard on 11 November A tale of ordinary love on 30 June A tale of the riverbank on 25 May A toast for the Highlands on 31 December A touch of the vapours on 25 May A tour to the Hebrides on 13 May A tractorman's notebook on 21 March Part of a double-bill of one-act plays together with Count Albany.

A valuable rival on 13 February B. Radio broadcast. A very holy night on 29 December A very private disaster on 16 November A very speculative gentleman on 28 October A vision of Scotland on 29 February A watcher by the dead on 4 January A Waverley gallery on 12 January A whip round for the driver on 29 December A window in Thrums on 13 September A window in Thrums on 13 October A year to remember: on 9 January Paterson: Byre stormer on 1 April Accidental conversation on 18 December Sunset song on 16 December Adventures of Angus and Willie on 23 August Adventures of Johnny Armstrong on 16 October Adventures of Marget Pow on 9 April Adventures of Richard Hannay on 15 January All change for Dreepiedew on 3 May All for a shilling a week on 26 May All on a summer day on 11 August All on a summer's evening on 25 May All the pubs in the Parley Road on 6 August Alone on the continent on 10 April An awfu sair throat on 16 March An Edinburgh notebook on 15 November An end to an auld sang on 30 April An end to an auld sang on 16 January An evening with Sir Walter Scott on 28 September An event for the stair on 20 March An incident in the life of the composer, Brahms on 12 March An independent opinion on 4 September An independent young man on 4 May An' it's you that I need to tell on 11 November An occurance at Owl Creek Bridge on 31 December An off-the-shoulder stribng vest on 24 November And then he kissed me on 28 November And there was no more sea on 18 December Andra's righteous revenge on 21 February Annals of Aberdeen on 28 October Annals of Scotland on 5 January Annals of the parish on 28 October Annals of the parish on 19 August Annie S.

Swan - the people's friend on 8 July Another example of indulgence on 19 August Another time, another place on 21 April Anyone can see I love you on 18 March Broadcast as part of B.

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Radio Scotland Drama Department's Spring season. Appointment with Aphrodite on 27 July As pure as driven snow on 3 June At the photographer's on 27 May Atlantic crossing on 25 November Atoms and other things on 29 June Attack on apathy on 12 November Aunt Agatha and Aunt Minnie on 3 July Australia will be there on 9 February Badger by owl-light on 24 November BBC Scotland, Radio 4. Playscripts Workshop between 13 October and 17 January Beachcomber's notebook on 5 July Beatstalking - The history of Scottish rock music on 20 July Beattock for Moffat on 17 September Behind green shutters on 2 November Benny Lynch: scenes from a short life on 30 September Biggles flies north on 14 August Birds and Barbarians.

A selection of new poetry on 18 April Blasting and bombardiering on 11 August Blokada on 25 February Broadcast as part of B. Break down on 20 May Workshop 6. Bright shining Friday on 11 November Brown of Balmoral on 27 December Burning the ballroom down on 11 March Broadcast as part of B.

Burns in myth and literature on 3 February But man he's dour on 4 November By the peat-fire glow on 28 December By the threshold on 31 December Part of a triple bill of one-act plays together with The shrine and The philosopher of Butterbiggens. Can these stones speak? Candide's garden on 21 February Cara Coco or Pam a woman of destiny on 2 April Catch me, I'm jumping. Change in the air on 30 November Charles Rennie Mackintosh profit and loss on 3 September Cherry and the ratbag on 25 February Childhood reflections on 14 May Children in the woods on 13 February Choice of weapons on 22 January Christmas card star on 20 December Christmas is for the children on 24 December Christmas on the Vital Spark on 25 December Cleansing of the knife on 11 November Close encounters of the fourth kind on 4 May Clyde pilot on 29 March at the B.

Radio Scotland. Cochrane, wolf of the sea on 27 October Come into my cellar on 22 February Company of adventurers on 5 May Confessions of a justified sinner on 14 June Confessions of a minister's son on 5 April Confessions of a witch on 17 July Conservation seat on 17 November Contemporary portrait - John Dickson, shepherd on 28 July Content to breathe on 24 November Conversation in the train on 1 July Co-operative movement and the war on 15 April Part of a double-bill of one-act plays together with A valuable rival.

Creature in a private zoo on 13 July Crime and punishment between 11 November and 29 November Cuaraidh Chuidhenis on 14 December Curates and conquest on 23 February Curses of Scotland 1. Wha's like us?

Curtain calls on Clyde. Daisy Bates in the desert on 18 September Dandy Jim the packman. From Stories of the Border Marches on 24 March D'Arcy's farewell to Arcady on 2 October Dark side of the moon on 26 October David Livingstone on 9 December David Wilson and the birds on 19 February Day the guardian angel failed on 18 December Days of swine and Rosie on 29 May Dead men's shoes on 30 December Dealan De between 9 April and 17 December Deanamaid Adhradh between 14 April and 29 November Deil tak the president on 6 October Determined democrat on 28 February Diosgo neo Deuchainnean on 17 December Discarded carapace on 22 January Displaced persons on 18 February Do you like Bartok?

Docherty between 27 April and 8 May Does it cost to dream? Don't ask me, I didn't know him?

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Don't throw it away on 28 August Doon the watter on 18 August Radio broadcast. First broadcast in Down the Royal Mile on 31 August Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on 11 November Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on 31 January Drink to me only on 15 September Duncan Forbes of Culloden on 10 December Dykie looks back on 29 November Each man his own image on 26 November Earth gold, sea silver on 16 March East Coast Line between 17 March and 18 March Edinburgh - golden age on 23 March Edwin and Willa on 18 September Edwin Muir remembered by his widow, Willa on 28 August Edwin Muir's journey: a critical study on 24 March Eighty years and more on 18 December Elizabeth Sweyn, widow, at her writing desk in the hall on 19 January Empire exhibition: planning the exhibition on 9 August Empire exhibition: visitors' book on 7 August Entertaining unawares on 8 December Erchie, my droll friend on 19 November Escape in darkness on 6 September Escape to the coast on 28 September Ettrick shepherd on 30 November Evacuation in Scotland on 27 September Eventually everything falls down and gets broken on 16 April Every day a holiday on 11 October Every year something different on 23 July Everything in the garden is lovely on 15 May Examining the foundations on 17 February Expedition to Orsay on 26 September Fact and fiction Crossroads on 11 February Fact or fiction - the Loch Ness monster on 21 August Fam'd and celebrated Allan on 15 October Famous sportsmen.

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Eric Liddell on 13 December Fancy you minding that on 30 November Farewell to Belmont Street on 29 October Farewell, Miss Julie Logan on 25 December Father to a monster on 2 August Feasgar agus Ceo Ann on 15 December Fictional Familiars: Interval at Ouchy on 6 July Fighters for France and freedom on 31 December Fishermen with ploughs on 5 August Fishers of the shallows on 10 March Five and twenty ponies on 13 April Five green waves on 3 September Five letters from an eastern empire on 2 October Flower of the flax on 24 November Flowers o' the forest on 4 July Folk songs on theme conservation year on 12 August Following the Tweed on 26 October Food for thought: the season in Scotland on 18 August Football crazy For better for worse on 6 November For ever unconquered on 11 November For the love of Mozart on 23 November From Fort William on 24 January From Glasgow to Saturn on 27 April From Russia with love on 6 February From shipyard, mill and mine on 30 March From Toshie with love between 31 October and 1 November Full of perfume and sad sound on 24 July Fully integrated on 16 September Fun and amusement on 18 December Furniture, frills and fashion on 7 August General Sikorski's tourists on 10 October Geology of "whisky galore" on 25 August Geordie Broon and his crood on 5 March George Mackay Brown 3 stories on 17 January Ghost with shorthand on 6 November Ghosts of the strath on 20 November Gillespie the bold on 28 November Girl in a cupboard on 28 February Girls will be boys.

A feature about the seasonal theatrical obsession with pantomime on 29 December Glasgow to-night, twenty five years ago on 11 January Glasgow's a big place on 16 February Glencoamie Scotch mist on 28 January Good evening, Glasgow. The night life of a great city on 8 January Good Maister William Elphinstone on 19 April Good night's sleep on 5 December Goodman and death Mahoney on 3 May Gordon the escapist, a portrait of the novelist Josephine Tey on 13 November Gowdspink in Reekie on 20 November Gowks and glaikit gomerils on 31 March Grant of the Nile on 3 September Great expectations on 15 February Great state occasions you may have missed on 18 April Greatest game in the world on 11 January Green isle of the great deep on 22 January Grey granite extract on 15 July Growing up - A one woman revue on 21 April Growth and decay on 1 September Haggis and the general on 18 November Half-nelson touch on 28 January Hamewith on 13 May B.

Hamewith on 12 September B. Hamewith on 1 October B. Hans Christian Andersen in Scotland on 3 April Happy days are here again on 20 January Happy holiday home on 9 December Happy to pretend on 12 September Hardie and Baird on 27 November Haul down the red duster on 9 January Have you ever been at a loss for words?

Have you got a saint in your collection?

Have you seen Muriel? Have you smelt the roses? Henry Bell and the "Comet" on 15 August Here comes a candle on 23 February Here for the beer on 24 February High tea for Nell on 23 December High tea. Children's hour on 14 December Highest in the forest on 16 October Highland prospect on 10 October Home for tea on Wednesdays on 28 February Hommage to Anthony Burgess on 16 August Hopscotch between 5 November and 25 March Hopscotch is designed to help young people develop skills in the areas of English Language, Expressive Arts and Personal and Social Development.

How many pips in an orange? How Tammas O'More got pitten doon on 26 June How the town lives on 3 November Hume and Boswell of James's Court on 18 March Husband of the year on 5 December I am talking to myself - at last on 14 December I can sing, dance, rollerskate on 7 February I have lived twice over on 2 January I knew Eric Liddell on 5 December I see myself as this young girl on 17 September I wadna be a loon again on 15 July I want to go to Africa on 29 April Ice-cold revenge of John Dolan on 9 March If it wasn't for you on 26 November Wine is also experienced well by yourself in a dark room after a shitty day of work - no judgment!

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  4. Cotes du Rhone is always a reliable red, and E. Guigal is the type specimen of that species. But some of the staples of Aussie red are widely available at reasonable prices. No real bargains in burgundy alas. Unless you go to Chablis, in which case there are some good bargains in 1er cru wines by makes like William Fevre. I hate to say it, but while there are some truly outstanding American wines, they are generally very expensive for what they are. Moved to Vancouver from Australia last year. This is one of the most sold Pinot Noirs in restaurants throughout the US.

    These are just a few but I recommend them as great starter wines. Truly the bottle I think of when I am thinking of a standard well rounded California Cabernet. It is also extremely consistent , with some subtle differences through the vintages. Much like drinking a Yuengling beer from Pennsylvania, when Looking for a lager or A Guinness from Ireland when looking for a dry stout. Thank you all so much! There are way too many producers and too many variations.

    Sometimes a lot of the bigger names don't compare well with what wine enthusiasts like to drink. For example Meiomi is a very popular and good selling Pinot Noir but not something wine people would go out and endorse, although the general population will love it. Also, the problem with wine 'classics' are these are usually pretty expensive pretty inaccessible I've had stuff like Pliny the Elder or some of those Trappist beers without breaking the bank.

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    Do a quick google search for each grape, and it usually becomes very clear what the main region s are for those wines, then just try a wine of that grape from that region. Wine can also be a pain in the ass to buy because the selection varies so much from store to store. Even in the same store, you might see a completely different inventory within a matter of months.

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    Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Are there some tried and true wines someone new to wine should try? My preference Once you have some general baseline by which to articulate your preferences things really open up.. Above all drink what you like and like what you drink! Continue this thread. Drink and enjoy!