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Before the stroke I loved to walk, read, go boating and do aquafit. After the stroke these activities became a huge problem.

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A CT scan of my head showed exactly what the problem was but nobody was able to help me. I finally sought help from a Physiotherapist, specializing in vestibular dizziness problems.

He was able to refer me to Dr. McCrodan neuro optometrist at Opto-mization, and my life took on a whole positive change. During my first assessment with Dr. McCrodan he listened and I felt I was heard. He said he could help me. I had my first glimmer of hope! From the very beginning of this healing journey, I have been treated with kindness, dignity and respect, not only from Dr. McCrodan but his entire team of professional, empathetic, encouraging and caring staff. Dr McCrodan has a passion for what he does and to say he gave me back my life and joy in retirement years would be an understatement.

For that I am truly grateful. There are truly no words to properly express our gratitude to Dr McCrodan and his team of all star staff. Last year my husband a healthy 39 yrs suffered a very rare ruptured brain aneurysm, directly impacting his vision and brain processing. Over the last 25 weeks we have attended either the Victoria or Nanaimo offices to complete a specialized and custom tailored Visual Training and rehabilitation program. We have learned so much and can't impart how amazing the program is.

All the steps built each week to assist my husband in regaining control of his eyes and strengthening the connections to his brain to become healthy and functional again. Along all steps of my husband's journey we literally had 24 hour support for questions and concerns, weekends included.

My husband received emergency brain surgery our of town on the mainland last year and we have felt very isolated and unsupported where we live here on Vancouver Island, UNTIL we were referred to Dr McCrodan and his team. It was truly like an answer to prayer!! The whole process has been long and hard, but it is so worth the end results. We look forward to watching my husband continue to heal and are thankful for the team of staff that rooted and cheered us on, who offered unwavering support and information. Dr McCrodan fine tuned the program when needed, looked further into options when challenges arose and has become a long time friend with his kindness and support during the toughest months of our lives.

We will forever be grateful. I can only hope that this helps whoever is reading this make a decision that WILL positively change you life forever.

We know if you are looking into this you are struggling. We have been there.

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You are not alone, keep going. McCrodan and his staff twice for separate issues, 5 years apart. The first time was for a convergence insufficiency and the second time was after a serious concussion which completely debilitated me. Both rounds of therapy were similar in that they completely changed my life. The first time not only did we fix the convergence issue, I became a much faster reader, I stopped bumping into things, I felt like I was thinking faster and it actually felt like my IQ increased.

The second time I sought help from Dr. McCrodan was after a serious concussion that had me off work for months.

McCrodan zeroed in immediately on what the issue was, prescribed me glasses to help and set me up on a 20 week program. The glasses began helping within a week of wearing them — it was a profound difference and greatly reduced many of my post-concussion syndrome symptoms.

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The therapy and daily homework can be frustrating at times, especially in the first half of the program that is set up for you. You must do your homework every day no more than 20 mins for this program to work. Symptoms can be triggered by the therapy, but in the end it is so worth the disruption.

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The profound difference neurovisual therapy, Dr. McCrodan and his staff have had on my life is humbling. McCrodan to help solve these issues and help me get back to healthy and functioning again. I have been struggling with my concussion symptoms for nearly a year. After some test, Dr McCrodan built a pair of prism glasses for me to try on.

He asked me to read, something I love to do and have been struggling to do for far too long. I can read again. It was so overwhelming in a good way. I tried the sobriety test for balance and I started crying again. The staff were such a pleasure to meet and everyone was so nice.

The place is bigger on the inside, and very nice. Thank you so much for the opportunity to heal and what feels like magic. I was referred to Dr McCrodan in July and started the program designed for my particular vision problems.

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My balance and depth perception were so bad that I would fall quite often and for no apparent reason. I could no longer go on the breakwater because of this. I am 56 years old and Thanks to Dr. At 6 years old my son was falling behind in school. He was showing a decreased interest in learning.

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We started him with a great tutor and things were moving along nicely. We took the summer off between grade 1 and 2. When he started back with the tutor in grade 2 she was worried almost right away. Our son was having a real hard time and was becoming very silent. This was odd for such an active and outgoing boy. The tutor was quick to figure out he may have a tracking issue. The tutor suggested we go see an eye therapy specialist. I mentioned he just had an eye exam with the eye doctor and he had perfect vision.

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So why did we need to see an eye therapist. She said trust me, go. The simple things like reading what song was playing in the car or road signs are now happening, and he is gaining more confidence reading. This week he got his first 10 out of 10 on his school spelling test. Eye therapy has taught him great tools to use when trying to learn. We are also using these tools as adults. This year we went to try outs and he is 7 playing with 11 year-olds and is their number one pitcher! To watch your son grow with confidence since we have started eye therapy is worth all the hard work.

The commitment of time has been a challenge for our busy family. We live in Sidney and have to drive into town once per week for our hour session. Than we need to complete the homework each day for 20 minutes. We managed to be in a routine of doing it before we went to school, so no matter how busy our evenings were, we stayed on top of it. After seeing the results we have and only at the half way point! The only thing we wished for is that we started sooner.

It was so debilitating that I was unable to work. I was almost constantly dizzy, nauseated, and anxious. I was unable to concentrate and had frequent headaches whenever I tried to read a book or work on the computer. I tried vestibular and balance rehabilitation but made little progress until I started visual rehabilitation with Dr. McCrodan and his team. McCrodan was able to explain everything to me and the results of the rehabilitation happened exactly the way he had explained. It took about 3 months of therapy but then I really started to see improvement and noticed that I could read or use the computer for min without headaches.

I was able to go out of the house and not be afraid of becoming dizzy and nauseated.