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Additional information Sku GOR Author Clifford D. Condition Used - Good. Binding type Paperback.

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  • Way Station by Clifford D Simak.

Publisher Orion Publishing Co. Year published Number of pages ISBN 10 ISBN 13 One of the others was Clifford D.

Way Station (Gollancz Collectors' Editions)

Simak's Way Station , which took the Novel Hugo in Way Station shares with The Fountains of Paradise a rather mystical approach to a future in which the brotherhood of humans and aliens is envisioned. In addition, the author of each book was about 60 when that book was written; both books feature noticeably mature characters, and their concerns seem of a parallel maturity. Way Station is the story of Enoch Wallace, a reclusive man living in the Southwest corner of Wisconsin.

The book is set about the same time it was published early to mids , although we are briefly introduced to Wallace at Gettysburg. Then a U.

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We soon learn Enoch's secret: he was chosen by aliens to operate a way station of their interstellar teleportation network. Earth is not yet ready for membership in the Galactic co-fraternity of races, so Enoch must keep his station secret.

So he has done for about a century, while himself meeting many strange beings, and becoming close friends with a few. He has also learned some alien science, which has convinced him, to his despair, that Earth is heading for a disastrous nuclear war, which, if it does not destroy human life, will certainly delay any possible entry for Earth into the Galactic union by centuries. Omnibus of two novels and a collection, first published in serialized , as by Lewis Padgett , and Omnibus of three novels, first published in , a Hugo Award winner , and Omnibus of three novels, first published in published as Mechasm in the US, , , and Omnibus of three novels, first published in as Enterprise , , and according to the copyright; not listed by SFE.

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