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Some underspenders have tens of thousands of dollars sitting in a bank account or under a mattress because they aren't comfortable with the risks of investing it. They're also likely to have relationship problems , especially if they marry someone prone to spending.

Tyler Tervooren, 26, of Portland, says he was a classic underspender until recently. I wanted to travel, but I was afraid to spend the money. After Tervooren got laid off last year, he started his own business.

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Though he's making less money, he says he's a lot happier, and that helped change his thinking. Getting to the root of the problem Financial psychologists say they can help severe underspenders by exploring the underlying roots of their anxiety in therapy, whether it's that the patients subscribe to the "money equals security" myth or that they don't think they deserve the things money can buy. Of course, underspenders are tough to treat because most of them don't see anything wrong with their behavior -- in fact, they're proud of it -- and the last thing they want to do is spend money for therapy.

Coping solutions So what can you do if you have these tendencies, if you know someone like this or if you're married to one?

Research by social scientists shows these strategies can help:. Choose plastic.

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Even if you are not affected personally, the chances are that you will know someone who is, or has been. In many cases, there is a direct link between depression or anxiety and financial problems. According to a survey of 5, people with mental health problems carried out by the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, nearly nine in ten people said their financial situation made their condition worse. My husband, Mark Hanson, took his own life in March at the age of 36 after suffering for years with anxiety and depression.


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